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Drive Nation Volleyball Club

Fall Clinics are now live on our DN Youth Programs page.

Drive Nation Club Volleyball Team Needs

We are looking for more players for the 2020/2021 Club Volleyball Season. If your position matches the needs below, Email Jason Nicholson at to set up an evaluation. 

18 Red--Middle
17 Black--Middle

16 White--Setter, Middle, Outside
15 Black--Pin Hitter
15 White--Setter
15 Elite--Setter

14 Black--Setter, Middle, Pin Hitter
14 White--Middle, Pin Hitter

11s 12s and 13s ALL POSITIONS NEEDED


Drive Nation Volleyball Family,

May 13, 2020 Update - Return to Play Guidelines

USA Volleyball (USAV) has prepared Return to Play Guidelines for region leaders, club directors, event promoters, venue operators, members and families to provide guidance as volleyball activities begin to recommence across the United States.

The following recommendations are not intended or implied to be mandates. Many of these recommendations are based upon current guidelines set forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other Federal government agencies. The knowledge surrounding COVID-19 is constantly changing and circumstances are different based on geographic region. Therefore, region leaders, club directors, event promoters and venue operators should adhere to their state and local guidelines when determining their own re-opening policies and procedures.

USAV will be resuming sanctioning of activities on May 15, 2020. All USAV sanctioned activities will be required to adhere to the most stringent federal, state or local guideline for their respective areas. USAV insurance coverage will only be provided for activities that are allowed under such government directives.

Until COVID-19 is either eradicated, a vaccine is developed, or a cure is found, there is no way to completely eliminate the risk of infection and as a result USAV strongly encourages all participants to follow these recommendations as safety precautions. The information in this document is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, nor does USAV or its forty (40) Regional Volleyball Associations (Region(s)) assume any liability or responsibility for the recommendations provided herein.